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On the Grunewald forest’s edge in south-west Berlin, Constructlab implements a space to experience and encounter: through a transparent and permeable shell the transformations of outside are brought inside, where a spacious and lightful room enables artistic production and productive encounters. The new construction provides an additional space  between trees for the Brücke-Museum for working with different public and neighbourhoods.

Taking inspiration from the forest, the Waldraum – its materiality and grey energy – are understood as entities in conversation with the seasons and surrounding forest, into which one is drawn at the museum’s garden in Berlin. The procedure of implementing the space was thought situatively and run locally.

The structure is a hybrid of a vernacular wood roof from entire tree trunks and a recycled industrial greenhouse. The wooden pillars of the construction are sections of five pines that had to be felled in the garden this winter. In a first step, in cooperation with Forstgruppe of Lebenswerkgemeinschaft the entire tree trunks were moved across the garden, hence erected. While temperatures rose, the roof truss arose, within which an outsourced venlo greenhouse was implemented by the gardening company Exner Grüne Innovationen.



We look into Grunewald (Berlin’s main city forest). The property at Bussardsteig 9, plot of the Brücke-Museum, conveys the transition from the city to the forest as the pines, mountain ash and birch trees on the museum’s property mark already from a distance. The plot “hides behind garden walls for those arriving, through which the separate piece of forest becomes a garden around the house, which one enters as a guest” as the architect of the museum Werner Düttmann once put it. The trees, in a certain way exhibits of the museum garden, but also remenants of a time before the appropriation of this plot are likewise a representation of themselves, the representation of an idea, an order, a possible other society. The anarchy of the forest by Joseph Beuys or the surface of exchange coined by Francis Hallé …

Constructive Encounters:

Berlin remembers that all places are temporary places, the pavilion rose and will pass. Quite unconventionally within contemporary building practices the Waldraum is made out of materials that age and disperse, which can be mounted and disassembled. It takes a circular perspective to see the continuity of things in transition. They have their own rhythm that guides us soberly, with steadfast, level-headed gaze through the seasons of transience. In view of our quick bodily decay, we turn towards the interim, moments of creation, the potential of transformation. The Waldraum tries to make this transformation visible through an aesthetic of the intermediate, maintaining a constructive spirit. The origins and future potentials of all components stay readable within the construction. Addressing the building process and making it a subject of discussion means making the feeling of being in the flow of change tangible. The forest, in this analogy, is always a continuous process of creation.




Bussardsteig 9, Berlin, Deutschland


From: December 14, 2020
Until: August 29, 2021



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Image Credits: Constanze Flamme (photography), Laurence Crouzet, Florine Schüschke, Mascha Fehse (drawings)