workshop on wheels

W.o.W is a workshop on wheels.
It is a big toolbox, and a tiny workshop. Its structure, when unfolded through simple yet unexpected mechanisms, just like a toolbox, reveals a fully equipped working space. Inside, there is space for storage of tools, materials and objects; on the upper space, the structure can host people overnights.
W.o.W is a moving project, built on a trailer: it doesn’t belong anywhere, it belongs everywhere. W.o.W is a temporary hub where sociality and mingling are encouraged through building, where learning low tech building techniques and material acknowledgment empower people to express their creativity. W.o.W engages reflections about material availability, up-cycling, pre-cycling and re-cycling.
W.o.W is a tool to generate projects.
Calendar of W.o.W
>>april 2017-March 2018
Bauhaus Campus @ Bauhaus Archiv
Bauhaus Campus is an international artistic-architectural exhibition inside the garden of the Bauhaus Archiv/Museum of Design in Berlin. It is an experimental temporary educational village constituted by 20 different tiny houses on wheels, investigating on themes like democracy, design, diversity.
In this context W.o.W is proposing a calendar of building workshop to empower people, through low-cost and low-tech techniques, to express their creativity and explore an alternative to buying already made furniture, while creating a new community and sense of belonging.
>>May 2017
Freiraum Weberplazt @ Essen
>>June 2017
The Arch @ Thor Park, Genk, Belgium
the calendar is under continuous development


Berlin, Germany


From: April 10, 2017
Until: March 10, 2018


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