Mont Réel

Montreal, Canada

Mont Réel, a collectively built mountain, emerged on the ephemeral projects site at the upcoming Campus MIL, the new science campus of the Université de Montreal . The wooden structure provides a place for the locally active initiatives, surrounding communities or creatives from all-over the place to gather, experiment, exchange and contribute to the exploration of the Mont Réel on the transitioning site. From 26.6. to 16.7. 2017 the “atelier collaborative” took place with a variety of collective actions, ranging from the collectively achieved wood construction, popular science experiments, sound explorations, writing and singing performances, through which this new mountain is brought to life!

Mont Réel is conceived and designed by Constructlab, in collaboration with De l’aire and AgrafMobile. Initiated by the Goethe-Institut Montreal in partnership with the Consulate général de France à Québec and the Université de Montréal.

Image Credits: constructlab/ Ashutosh Gupta